Chairmans Report 17-18




We should have 8 Councillors in post and some turnover is to be expected every year however this year has been exceptional. Long serving Councillors Mel Hoyle and Scott Westaway stood down together with Jonathan Hillier and Colin Vickers. Many thanks to all Councillors for all of their work in the last year and over previous years but particularly to Scott who I replaced as Chairman in January 2018. He had been Chairman for almost 6 years. The Vice Chairman position occupied by Colin for almost 2 years was filled in January 2018 by Steve Howat.

New Councillors have now been co-opted and we have welcomed Mike Schelts, Lyn Dyett, Penny Nicholson and Denise Young to join Paul Reedman, Steve Howat, Pauline Vann and Greg Pritchett.



In the year we have had 10 normal and 2 additional meetings plus a Neighbourhood Plan meeting.



There have been no major applications during the year and no Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL) money has been received.

Overall only 10 applications of various types have been examined and commented upon.



During the year the Francis Jackson housing development and Roma Leather factory development has progressed with the factory being completed and occupied and the initial occupations of houses fronting to Cottesbrooke Road have taken place. As a consequence of the 20 new houses which includes 6 housing association units the Parish Council are receiving

25,852 to be specifically used for play equipment adjacent to the village hall

10,000 which was allocated for a bus shelter (already received)

5,500 as a commuted sum for future maintenance of the new POS (public open space) fronting to Cottesbrooke Road which the Parish Council will own.

500 towards the legal costs of transferring the POS to the Parish Council (already received)

2,000 allocated to provide a bus stop pole and sign which is no longer to be installed. - negotiations are almost complete to recover this sum for the Parish Council.

Thanks to Francis Jackson Homes, Derek and Jenny Westaway for agreeing to allow both the 10,000 and 2,000 sums to migrate to the Parish Council.



During the year the school has received 75,000 from the Section 106 agreement for the current Francis Jackson Homes development together with 50,000 from the S106 agreement for the development of 9 houses on the site of the former Westaway Garage. This has enabled the addition of a much needed new classroom for the school



In preparation for the upgrade of the play area, a 21 year lease arrangement has been agreed between the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council for an area adjacent to the village hall. There is now clear responsibility for one body, the Parish Council to maintain and insure play equipment, fences, grass and hard surfaces within the play area and the adjacent hedge and trees.



Parish Council Grants for the year 2018/19 have been awarded

(a)  3,250 to the Village a Hall Committee towards maintenance and running costs of the village hall and playing field

(b)  1,750 to the Naseby School Association to assist in the fitting out of the double decker bus within the school grounds as a library.

(c)   50 to Ducklings Pre School.



Following a tender exercise we commenced a 3 year grass cutting contract in spring 2016 using the same contractor for the both the playing field, road verges and churchyard. Following poor performance during their first year we terminated the contract in December 2016 at the end of the contractual probationary year.

For 2017 (and the next two years) we reverted to our previous two contractors using Maximow for the playing field and Countryside for the verges and churchyard. Standards immediately recovered which proves the old saying "You get what you pay for."



A Speed display unit has been purchased at an overall cost of 4,000. it has already been deployed within the village to encourage drivers to slow down. It will eventually rotate around 5 sites within the village but two of these are not yet available. We await poles being installed by the County Council at Parish Council cost..



The programme of lighting improvements, changing to low energy lights was completed with the final 3 lights on Nutcote being upgraded.

We have 34 lights and 27 had to be upgraded to satisfy EU regulations.The annual electricity consumption has reduced from 13,441 kWh in 2013 to 5,656 kWh in 2018.



In January 2018 the Parish Council submitted its response to a consultation by Daventry District Council.This plan covers the period up to 2029 and included an inset plan showing a village confines boundary for Naseby which is similar to that shown in the Naseby Village Design Statement (adopted in 2008) but adjusted for recent development.


The draft plan indicates that Daventry's housing land supply is in excess of the Government requirement of 5 years and the rural area housing target number up to 2029 had already been exceeded by 520 dwellings at the 1st April 2017. This should mean that speculative residential planning applications outside the village confines boundary are unlikely to succeed once the local plan is finally adopted (anticipated summer 2019).


A hierarchy of settlements is proposed for rural areas with;

Primary Service Villages being most appropriate for development (6 villages including Brixworth, Moulton, Crick etc)

Secondary Service Villages appropriate for limited infill development within the village confines boundary (18 villages including Naseby and Welford)


The Parish Council response nominated 6 Local Green Spaces (the village hall playing field, the Fairfax viewing platform, the Cromwell monument, the Obelisk, the allotments and the wooded area beside the allotments. We also requested a minor adjustment to the settlement boundary adjacent to Thornby Lane.



The Parish Council has decided not to develop a neighbourhood plan for Naseby at this time.

We had been advised that production of a plan requires a steering committee comprised of an initial 10 to 12 villagers including possibly one or two Councillors. We held a well attended open meeting with speakers from Daventry and Welford and then a separate meeting to form a steering committee which only attracted 3 villagers.



Negotiations between representatives of the 4 benefitting villages and the Charity Commissioners are understood to be making progress and it is hoped that grant applications will shortly be able to be submitted by village organisations.




The meeting held in the village hall in May 2017 was notable for the vigorous discussion concerning a proposed bus shelter associated with the current Francis Jackson Homes development.

The unfortunate County Council representative who attended was left in no doubt that the village did not want a bus shelter and subsequently dropped the requirement for a shelter.


PRECEPT 2018/2019

The Parish Council sets a precept each year to cover it projected costs for the year ahead. This together with a relatively small mowing grant from the County Council has to. cover everything, grass cutting, street lighting, clerks salary, grant awards, village hall rent, projects, church clock maintenance, councillor and clerk training, Village Pride activities, Xmas tree funding etc. The precept is collected on our behalf by Daventry District.Council and paid to us in two equal payments.


This year we established a Finance Sub Committee which recommend a budget for 2018/19 and an appropriate precept to the full Parish Council. The agreed precept demand was increased from 29,000 in 2017/18 to 29,500 for 2018/19 which on your Council Tax bill shows as a 0.6% increase.


Significant planned expenditure items for 2018/19 are

10,000 Grass cutting (verges, churchyard and playing field)

4,500 Clerk salary and expenses

5,050 Grants (see above)

1,062 Street lighting electricity and maintenance

21,000 Play area improvement (construction and lease legal fee)

1,500 Information Board

700 Insurance

1,000 Training


Overall Play Area expenditure of approx 38,000 has been assumed to span between 2018/19 and 2019/20. It is hoped that this sum will be increased by grant applications and fund raising by the Friends of Naseby Play Area.



The much publicised County Council financial problems have already had a local impact;

    Naseby buses (both no 60 and County Connect) will stop running during this summer.

    the mobile library has been withdrawn

    the offer of minor engineering works within the village has been withdrawn.


It is not currently clear what is to happen but there is a strong possibility that the County Council will be replaced by two Unitary Authorities.

Daventry District together with Northampton Borough and South Northamptonshire Councils will potentially form a single unitary authority. This would have the powers of both a County and a District Council and there are suggestions that this will come into being as early as 2020.

A second unitary authority has been proposed combining Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire Councils.

As a result there is likely to be a time of uncertainty in the years to come but some changes affecting Naseby are likely.



Thanks to our volunteers assisting with moving and analysing results from the speed information display unit and our volunteers checking the defibrillator

Also thanks to Margaret Anderson and her Village Pride team and Sarah Farrell and her team who deliver Naseby News.



Finally many thanks to Katrina Jones for her professional approach and sound advice.


Paul Reedman


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