Next Meeting Agenda

Naseby Parish Council Meeting

5th July 2018



Chairman: Cllr Paul Reedman

Clerk: Katrina Jones,

To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Naseby Parish Council at Naseby Village Hall, Haselbech Road, Naseby, in the Committee Room on Thursday 5th July 2018 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business detailed below.  Members of the public & press are invited to attend. Should anybody have difficulties in negotiating the stairs please contact the Clerk who will re-arrange the venue.


58.          Apologies for Absence


59.          To Confirm Minutes of Meeting:  held on 7th June 2018.  


60.          Declarations of Interest


61.          Public Participation


62.          To Fill Parish Council Vacancy by Co-option


63.          Proposal to add a 2 new sections to the PC Agenda format as follows

1.       Open Actions from previous meetings.

The purpose of this item is to capture actions taken at previous PC meetings to enable a very brief update on progress from the action owner. Actions should be identified by Meeting date and minute reference and action owner. A simple table to capture this information might look like this:






Description of action taken - should be as minuted



2.       Confirmation that there are no issues arising from Playground inspections

The purpose of this change is to record that the control to inspect play equipment weekly [condition of Insurance cover] is operating as it should.


 64.         Proposal to review report on 2 current account service providers and decide to switch current account provider to Lloyds Bank Plc or Unity Trust Bank Plc or remain with National Westminster Bank Plc.

                             On the basis that a decision to switch provider is made the PC agree:


1.       To appoint 2 Councilors and the Clerk to agree the configuration of controls to manage payments out of the new account.

2.       That the same 2 Councilors and the Clerk re-visit internal controls for the management of PC banking and document any necessary changes.

3.       Once these steps have been completed 2 Councillors and the Clerk participate in a call with the chosen provider to commit to the current account switch and set up of a linked Deposit Account. [Such a call would need to take place during the hours of service of the chosen provider. Hours vary.


65.          To Discuss and Respond to Letter from Resident Regarding Speeding on Cottesbrooke Road and Related Issues and To Consider Subsequent Information Provided

66.          To Respond to the Consultation on Local Government Reorganisation in Northamptonshire


67.        To Respond to Consultation on Community Governance Review Carried Out By Daventry District Council


68.          To Respond to Email from DDC Asking Whether the Parish Council Would Agree to Fund a Share of the £45,000 Shortfall, Along with 8 Other Parishes, to Maintain the 60 Bus Service for the Year 2019/20.


69.          To Consider any Actions Required Regarding Bus Service Provision for Naseby Residents and to Consider Forming a Working Party to Explore the Possibility of a Shared Community Bus


70.          Welcome Booklet Progress Update


71.          To Report on and Consider Any Action As a Result of Strategy Meeting


72.          To Consider Report from Annual Service of Church Clock


73.          To Respond to Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation - Enhanced Dog Control Powers


74.          To Appoint Members of the Policy and Finance Advisory Committee and Review Terms of Reference


75.          To Approve Clerk’s Annual Leave Request


76.          Planning Matters:


a.            Planning Application:  DA/2018/0434: 3, Bakehouse Rise, Naseby, Northamptonshire, NN6 6DQ: Single storey rear extension to dwelling and single storey rear extension to garage.


77.          Reports:


a.            Highways

b.            Street Lighting

c.             Neighbourhood Watch

d.            Village Hall Committee/Sports Court

e.            Playground Inspection

f.             Naseby Battlefield Project

g.            Mowing

h.            Trees and Footpaths

i.             Friends of Naseby Play Area update

j.             Defibrillator

k.            Wind farm

l.             Website

m.           Speed Information Display

n.            Welcome Booklet


78.          Finance:


Bank Balance on Bank Statement as at 5th June 2018                                       £46,960.33


Less money ring fenced for projects:

Play Area Reserve                                                                                                           £9,000.00

Sports Court Reserve                                                                                                     £1,000.00


a.            Receipts


i. Interest (31.05.18)



b.            Payments for Approval:                                                                      £


i. Katrina Jones (Clerk salary and home use payment) June and July 2018 – by Standing Order

423.79 (June)

423.79 (July)

ii. Maximow for mowing of Recreation Ground


iii. Opus (direct debit - June 2018)


iv. Naseby Village Hall Management Committee for Room hire (bus meeting on 26/06/2018 - £9; 07/06/2018 – £19.50; Annual Parish Meeting on 09/05/2018 - £24; Meeting on 10/06/2018 - £6)


v. Countrywide for mowing May cuts x 2 (£1,222.80)  and June x 2 (£1,212.00)


vi. NCC for mounting poles for SIDs


vii. TWM for mount clips for SIDs


viii. Northants CALC for Chairmanship Training Course


ix. Geoff Capel reimbursement for items for SID


x. Smith and Derby


xi. Eon for maintenance


xii. Katrina Jones reimbursement for mileage to cilca course (19.9 miles @ 45 per mile x 4 = £35.82 )and reimbursement for 2nd class stamps (£6.72) and printer ink (£12.16)


xiii. Pest Control invoice



79.          AOB (For Information Only)


80.          To Note Next Meeting: Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 6th September 2018 at 7.30pm 


81.          To Close the Meeting to Members of the Public and Press for Chairman to Report


Signed:  KJones,

Katrina Jones, Clerk to Naseby Parish Council


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