Next Meeting Agenda


Naseby Parish Council Meeting

7th December 2017



Chairman: Councillor Scott Westaway

Clerk: Katrina Jones,


To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Naseby Parish Council at the Village Hall in the Committee Room on Thursday 7th December 2017 at 7.45pm for the purpose of transacting the business detailed below. Members of the public & press are invited to attend. Should anybody have difficulties in negotiating the stairs please contact the Clerk who will re-arrange the venue.


147. Apologies for Absence


148. To Confirm Minutes of Meeting: held on 2nd November 2017.


149. Declarations of Interest


150. Public Participation


151. To Fill Vacancies on Parish Council by Co-option


152. To Consider Grant Applications from: Naseby Village Hall Committee; Naseby Primary Academy NSA; and Ducklings Preschool


153. To Approve Budget for 2018-19


154. To Set Precept


155. To Consider Joint Naseby-Clipston Newsletter


156. Cottesbroke Road Cllr Reedman to Report on Meeting with Ian Boyes


157. To Consider Neighbourhood Plan


158. Francis Jackson Development: Update on POS Adoption and Correspondence from Solicitors


159. Francis Jackson Development: Update on Bus Shelter Money to be Awarded Outside of s106 Agreement and Alternative Use


160. Good Neighbour Scheme


161. Village Questionnaire


162. Complaint from Resident Regarding Damaged Verges by Francis Jackson Development


163. Proposal to Purchase Speed Information Display Unit


164. Section 50 Licence: Revised Cost of 260


165. To Approve Booking of Councillor on Parish Online Mapping Course on 22nd January


166. Archaeological Report from Land Off Cottesbroke Road


167. Daventry Settlements and Countryside Local Plan Consultation


168. Request from Resident for Side Road Sign on Welford Road to Warn Drivers of Hall Close Junction


169. To Approve and Sign Mowing Grant Agreement for Next Financial Year


170. To Agree Website Contents


171. Reports:


a. Highways

b. Street Lighting

c. Neighbourhood Watch

d. Village Hall Committee/Sports Court

e. Playground Inspection

f. Naseby Battlefield Project

g. Mowing

h. Trees and Footpaths

i. Friends of Naseby Play Area update

j. Defibrillator

k. Wind farm

l. Website


172. Finance:


Bank Balance as at 3rd November 2017 34,521.00


Less money ring fenced for projects:

Play Area Reserve 9,000.00

Sports Court Reserve 1,000.00

a. Receipts

Interest (31.10.17)


b. Payments for Approval:


i. Katrina Jones (Clerk salary and home use payment) November 2017


ii. Maximow for Grass Cutting Recreation Ground


iii. Naseby Village Hall Management Committee (room hire for November meeting)


iv. Information Commissioner


v. OPUS energy electricity for street lighting

DIRECT DEBIT on 24.10.17


vi. Countrywide for cut on 11/10/17


vii. Katrina Jones (1% increase in Clerk salary from 1st April 2017 not previously paid)


viii. Welford Xmas Tree Farm


ix. Northamptonshire County Council (Highways) for s.50 licence


x.Eon for street light maintenance


xi. James Lungley - Parish Council Websites



c. To Present Payments and Receipts and To Approve and Sign Bank Reconciliation up to 3rd November 2017


173. AOB (Points of Information)


174. Next Meetings: Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 1st February 2017 at 7.45pm


Signed: KJones,

Katrina Jones, Clerk to Naseby Parish Council



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