Next Meeting Agenda

Naseby Parish Council Meeting

5th April 2018



Clerk: Katrina Jones,

To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Naseby Parish Council at Naseby Village Hall in the Committee Room on Thursday 5th April 2018 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business detailed below. Members of the public & press are invited to attend. Should anybody have difficulties in negotiating the stairs please contact the Clerk who will re-arrange the venue.


250. Apologies for Absence


251. To Confirm Minutes of Meetings: held on 1st March 2018


252. Declarations of Interest


253. Public Participation


254. Co-option of Parish Councillor Vacancies


255. To Assign Councillor Duties and Agree Inspection Arrangements for Play Area Inspection and Defibrilator Inspection


256. Defibrillator Village Training: Proposal for Training Sessions Biannually Starting Summer 2018 To Be Organised by the Parish Council.


257. To Agree Any Matters Regarding Transfer of Public Open Space (Francis Jackson Development) and To Agree Any Matters Arising From Solicitors Dealing With Transfer Including Agreeing Contents of Transfer Deed


258. Bus Stop Sign on Church Street: To Agree Any Action To Be Taken As A Result of Correspondence From Northamptonshire County Council Advising That the Sign Will Not Be Installed Due To Buses No Longer Running From 21st July 2018.


259. Feedback and To Consider Outcome of Exploratory Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Held on 14th March 2018: Proposal Not to Proceed With a Naseby Neighbourhood Plan at This Time


260. To Agree Format and Speakers for Annual Parish Meeting on 9th May 2018


261. Update on Parish Council List of Assets Valuations


262. To Consider Results of Risk Assessment Walk and Agree Any Action


263. Play Area Lease: To Agree Actions Required


264. Daventry District Countryside and Settlements Local Plan Part 2: To Note Response Submissions Submitted Affecting Naseby.


265. Feedback from Cllr Vann on GDPR Course and To Agree Any Action the Parish Council Should Take Ahead of New Data Protection Legislation Coming into Force Including Consideration of Correspondence From NCALC


266. To Agree Change of Mole Contractor


267. Proposal that Parish Councillors come to the next PC meeting prepared to offer a lesson that they think should be learned by the PC from the past 12 months activity.  (The PC should be a learning organisation and should regularly challenge itself on what could be done better in the future. This is not about blame or finger pointing - but is what successful organisations do) Cllr Schelts: Deferred from last meeting.


268. To Sign NatWest Bank Forms To Add Signatories


269. Planning Matters:


a. Planning Application: DA/2017/1254 The Portacabin, Northampton Road, Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire, NN6 6JF: Demolition of Existing Portacabin and Construction of Dwelling.


270. Reports:


a. Highways

b. Street Lighting

c. Neighbourhood Watch

d. Village Hall Committee/Sports Court

e. Playground Inspection

f. Naseby Battlefield Project

g. Mowing

h. Trees and Footpaths

i. Friends of Naseby Play Area update

j. Defibrillator

k. Wind farm

l. Website

m. Speed Information Display


271. Finance:


Bank Balance on Bank Statement as at 5th March 2018 29,396.36


Less money ring fenced for projects:

Play Area Reserve 9,000.00

Sports Court Reserve 1,000.00


a. Receipts


Interest (28.02.18)



b. Payments for Approval:


i. Katrina Jones (Clerk salary and home use payment) March 2018 Standing Order on 28/3/18


ii. LGSS Law Ltd for legal services on POS adoption


iii. Opus (direct debit on 22.02.18)


iv. Naseby Village Hall Management Committee for Room hire (1 PC meeting @ 19.50 and SID meeting @ 18.00)


v. Eon for street light maintenance


vi. Paul Reedman reimbursement for high viz vests


vii. NSA: Grant for Library Bus Project Agreed 7th December 2017


viii. Naseby Village Hall Management: Grant for Running Costs Agreed 7th December 2017


ix. Ducklings Preschool: Grant Agreed 7th December 2017



272. Next Meeting: Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 7.30pm


Signed: KJones,

Katrina Jones, Clerk to Naseby Parish Council










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